This class features Latin based rhythms and dance styles and is typically an hour long, including a warm up song and cool down for stretching.


Zumba uses different parts of the song, such as the chorus or verse as the basis for its choreography. We learn by repetition, so it only takes a couple of classes to get to know the steps.


It is recommended to wear comfortable smoother bottomed shoes to allow easy movement.



Dance Fitness incorporates music that may be more familiar to the ear, but still works both fast and slow rhythms. We also include a warm up and cool down for an hour long class.



Designed for seniors OR that beginner who isn’t quite comfortable with regular Zumba, this class is a kind of ‘combo’ of Zumba and Dance Fitness… still those great songs that make you want to move, just at a little easier pace.


Getting Here:

Tula is located downtown Olivia, South at the stoplights.

Our Address:

125 South 9th Street

Olivia, MN 56277


(320) 523-6002

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