If Core Cardio & Strength is too much impact for your body but Sit Fit just isn't enough, then LIIT is the perfect class for you!


LIIT represents Low Intensity Interval Training where you will be using light weights, bands and doing exercises to build strength, balance and incorporate a little conditioning. Go at your own pace, as all exercises are done in a one minute timed interval; there's no need to meet a number of repetitions. 


Let's get LIIT!



Chair yoga is a gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair or using a chair for support.  This practice deepens flexibility, balance, strength and body awareness, while aiding to achieve overall physical and mental health and well-being.  Looking for a desk job (or study break) tension reliever, or do you suffer from limited mobility, disability or injury?  Chair yoga is for everyone of all ages and ability levels.  Dress comfortably in clothes that allow movement.  Chairs are provided, no need to bring a mat.

Allow 1 Hour



Sitting while working out? Yes! This class is designed for our more ‘mature’ fitness seekers. If you have balance or joint issues, this 45 minute class is for you.



Designed for seniors OR that beginner who isn’t quite comfortable with regular Zumba, this class is a kind of ‘combo’ of Zumba and Dance Fitness… still those great songs that make you want to move, just at a little easier pace.


Tula has classes geared towards those that are looking for ways to move and feel great without the activity being too strenuous, but fun and beneficial.

These classes are great for older adults and individuals with balance challenges.


Getting Here:

Tula is located downtown Olivia, South at the stoplights.

Our Address:

125 South 9th Street

Olivia, MN 56277


(320) 523-6002

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