Additional Core Cardio & Strength Classes

If 5:15 a.m. sounds too early for you and you still want to experience the results that Core Cardio & Strength can offer; Tula will be offering a second class at 6:15 a.m. on Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings starting November 1, 2017!

Get a full body workout, toning AND cardio in this sweat-packed class! Core Cardio & Strength concentrates on your core power with one-minute intervals. Using very little equipment and mostly body weight, get a fun-packed sweat in! Adjust to your level and go at your own speed to build up to your goals.

Allow 50 minutes.

To book online:

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Getting Here:

Tula is located downtown Olivia, South at the stoplights.

Our Address:

125 South 9th Street

Olivia, MN 56277


(320) 523-6002

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